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Princess Kasune: A new chapter of Hope

Princess Kasune Zulu is one of the most influential HIV/AIDS campaigners with a global platform through speaking engagements and a telling book about her own life. Two months ago, Princess, who is HIV-positive, herself, gave birth to a baby boy. She shared her experience as a new mother with JACK ZIMBA via telephone from her home in Chicago, United States of America.
IT did not matter that the telephone call was across continents, Princess sounded the same way she has always - bubbly and giggly. Any reference to her misfortune of contracting HIV at a young age and losing both parents, two siblings and a husband to the disease still receives the same response like a recorded message: “I’m forever the positive one. I want to live a life full of joy.” The 39-year-old has such a positive attitude about life, she makes HIV/AIDS seem lighter. But it is her own openness and frankness that gives her away, bringing out some realism out of her about her status. “Living positive is not the same as b…