Thursday, 18 December 2014

Most shameless politician 2014 Nominees

1.       Bob Sichinga – Whereby he was heard in a secret recording downloading state secrets to a woman – supposedly his mistress – and expressing his fears about the President’s health.

2.       Rupiah Banda – whereby he lost an election in 2011 and publicly announced his retirement from active politics, but decided to swallow his own words. 

3.       Father Frank Bwalya – whereby he was so in love with the PF and its leader Michael Sata before the 2011 elections that he sacrificed a chicken to invoke the gods at a public rally addressed by Sata on the Copperbelt. Barely two years later, the failed priest was busy denouncing Sata and, in fact, pronounced him dead long before the doctors did. Today he is back in the PF and begging for a job. 

4.       Daniel Munkombwe - whereby he supported the Guy Scott camp and mocked the Lungu camp and is now clearly “Left Behind” in the political wilderness by the Lungu train.

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